Chainsaw Chain Sharpening

How to keep your chainsaw humming.

Chainsaw Chain Sharpening and what you need to do to keep your chainsaw working properly.

We now offer Chainsaw Chain Sharpening in Forked River, NJ. We service all of Ocean County with Tree Service and Chain Saw Sharpening and Maintenace.

Chainsaw Chain Sharpening   MJM Maintenance Chainsaw Sharpening

Sharpening for all size and pitch chains from 1/4 .325 3/8 Picco (low profile) 3/8 and .404 Safety chain, semi chisel or full chisel we can provide factory specs or custom grind your chain to what you are looking for. Do you have a specialty chain like a fire and rescue chain or a carbide tooth chain for mason cutting? No problem, we got you covered. Diamond grinder wheel for your carbide chains are in stock and ready to sharpen your carbide chain. Brand new Oregon 520 120 bench grinder with the very best in grinding wheels. C.B.N Grinding wheels from Diamond Blade Inc!! C.B.N wheels (cubic boron nitride) that are factory balanced and are extremely hard and super abrasive. The grinding process is much cooler, so it does not get nearly as hot as a stone grinder wheel. The wheel doesn’t lose its shape like a stone wheel that has to be often dressed to make sure that the wheel is giving the proper shape cut to the tooth. They also leave far fewer metal burrs after grinding leaving you with a razor sharp chain that is sharper than factory. No need to throw out your chain after it gets dull or if you hit metal with it. If you do not know how to sharpen a chain and just go out and buy a new chain you are throwing money right into the garbage can. If you run your saw with a dull chain because you are almost done with the job and don’t want to spend the money on a new chain, you run the risk of damaging the saw and the bar causing you, even more, money in repairs and time. We provide a fast turnaround and a top quality sharpening service every time. First, we inspect your chain for any damage. Second, we clean it if it is necessary. Third, we measure each cutter tooth to find the most damaged or short tooth and make the necessary adjustments to ensure each tooth is the same size. We then make sure the depth gauge (a.k.a rakers) are the proper height in relation to the cutter tooth. Most call for a .25 lower than the cutter tooth and some call for a.30 We can custom grind your cutter tooth and the depth gauge to your desire. A sharp chain sharpened properly will provide you with a faster cut saving you time and fuel, a straight cut for all of the milling chains and being it peak performance it will not work your saw as hard saving you maintenance costs and downtime.

How to get the Job DoneMJM Maintenance Chainsaw Sharpening

Getting the job done right the first time is our goal. When we sharpen your chain, we make sure it meets our standards as if we were going to be using it. Being a tree service provider, we depend on a razor sharp chain that will hold a grind as long as possible. For ten years now we’ve been sharpening chainsaw chains and experimenting with a different head and vice angels to give us the best performance possible. Some like a blunt tooth, in the 70-degree angle and some like a more aggressive angle of 55 degrees. 10-degree bench angle cut is also available. No matter what you are looking for we got you covered. We look forward to serving you. Thank you for checking us out!!

If you are local we can provide a pickup and delivery service if need be. If not you can ship us your chain and we will ship it back. Or you can schedule an appointment and bring your chain to us. Pick up and delivery and shipping fees will apply.

If the chain is very dirty and needs to be cleaned before it can be sharpened then a cleaning fee will apply. It will also affect how long it takes to get your chain back. Depending on how dirty and what is on the chain it may have to soak for two days to get most of the junk off of it. If the chain is damaged in any way, it will not be sharpened. We hold the right to determine if the chain is safe to sharpen.

Chainsaw Chain Sharpening – Cost

Sharpening costs. For cutter teeth only $5.00 each chain. Cutter teeth and depth gauge $7.00 Soaking chain to clean it before grinding $3.00

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